Situated in East Anglia, in the County of Suffolk, Woolney Hall is a medieval aisled Hall dating back to the late 13th century. In Anglo-Saxon times it was the Hall for all of the Creetings, and listed in the Doomsday Book as Wonhall. Today it stands in 65 acres of meadowland which includes a lake and osier beds. There is also a small acreage of arable land producing cereals.

The Woolney Texel flock was established in 1989 with the purchase of three in-lamb females. Over the years the flock has increased to between 40 and 50 breeding ewes. Our breeding policy is to produce big strong rams with conformation and tight skins but paying attention to breed type. Using top blood lines and an occasional infusion of of Dutch blood to maintain conformation has shown the way forward. As members of the National Scrapie Plan, we have found it beneficial to genotype the entire flock to assess the resistance to Scrapie and assure the health status of the flock. Woolney Texels are scrapie monitored to meet the EU requirements for export.


For further information or to arrange a visit please contact:
Terry and Jenny Prentice
Woolney Hall Farm - Creeting St Mary - Ipswich - Suffolk - IP6 8QB
Phone/Fax 01449 711442